Ranking the Top 5 MA Private HS Lacrosse Schools

In the world of high school lacrosse, the Independent School League (ISL) in Massachusetts stands out not just for its academic prestige but also for its fiercely competitive lacrosse programs. Here’s an inside look at the top five ISL schools known for their standout lacrosse teams.

1. Noble and Greenough School (Nobles)

Located in Dedham, MA, Noble and Greenough School, commonly referred to as “Nobles,” leads the pack with a lacrosse program that is as robust as it is victorious. Known for a culture that balances athletic rigor with academic excellence, Noble’s lacrosse team regularly produces players who go on to compete at top collegiate programs across the country. The school’s commitment to developing well-rounded student-athletes is evident in their consistently strong performances in state and regional competitions.


2. Belmont Hill School

Just a short drive from Boston in Belmont, MA, Belmont Hill School has a long-standing tradition of lacrosse excellence. The program is known for its disciplined approach and strategic gameplay, which have earned it a respected place in the lacrosse community. The coaching staff at Belmont Hill focuses on skill development and character building, preparing players not only for success in high school competitions but also for future athletic and academic pursuits.


3. St. Sebastian’s School

St. Sebastian’s School in Needham, MA, boasts a dynamic lacrosse program known for its competitive spirit and sportsmanship. The team’s consistent performance in the ISL is supported by excellent coaching and a supportive school community that turns out in force to cheer on their Arrows. St. Sebastian’s players are known for their quick play and strategic acumen, often making deep runs in postseason tournaments.


4. Governor’s Academy

Located in Byfield, MA, Governor’s Academy adds to its historical charm with a fiercely competitive lacrosse program. Known as the “Govs,” their teams are renowned for their fast-paced play and tactical prowess. The school’s emphasis on leadership and teamwork is reflected on the lacrosse field, where the Govs are known for their cohesive play and ability to develop players who succeed in college lacrosse and beyond.


5. Rivers School

Rounding out the top five, Rivers School in Wellesley, MA, stands out with a lacrosse program that has surged in prominence in recent years. The Red Wings are celebrated for their innovative coaching and inclusive team culture, which nurtures young talent and fosters a competitive yet friendly environment. Their lacrosse program not only competes at a high level within the ISL but also garners respect in statewide competitions, showcasing the effectiveness of their training and team strategy.


The MA Private School Lacrosse scene is strong. These schools traditionally have the best probability of turning their players into collegiate players. If you’d like to learn more about how to play lacrosse like the players at this level, please check out the NXT Level Lacrosse Clinics, which help prepare your son for the highest levels of lacrosse!

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