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Laurel Fields, 145 North Main Street, Sherborn, MA

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McCarthy Fields, 44 Hospital Road, Medfield, MA

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Our clinics are designed to cater to young athletes from grades 1 through 9 in the Massachusetts area. We create an inclusive environment by organizing players into three age divisions, which ensures that each participant is matched fairly by both age and skill level, fostering a competitive yet supportive atmosphere for growth and development.

Throughout our clinics, players get position specific training from college players who play that position.

The summer 2024 clinics will be hosted in the scenic towns of Sherborn and Medfield. These locations have been chosen for their excellent facilities and welcoming community, providing an ideal setting for our lacrosse clinics.

We pride ourselves on providing personalized coaching, which is why we have historically maintained a player-to-coach ratio of 5:1. This allows our coaches to offer individualized attention and tailored instruction, ensuring that each player receives the guidance needed to advance their skills effectively.

Absolutely! Our clinic is perfect for newcomers to the sport of lacrosse. Our skilled coaches are adept at nurturing new talent, ensuring that beginners receive the attention they need to build a strong foundation, while also challenging more experienced players to refine their skills. At NXT, every player is on a path to improvement, no matter their starting point.

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