The Top 5 MA Division 3 Lacrosse Schools

The Top Five Division Three Lacrosse Schools in Massachusetts

There are several schools that standout for  Division Three lacrosse in Massachusetts for their impressive performances and strong presence in their conferences. In this post, we will take a closer look at the top five Division Three lacrosse schools in Massachusetts.


Tufts Lacrosse

1. Tufts University

The King of the NSECAC and Massachusetts Division III Lacrosse is here. Tufts University has consistently showcased an impressive performance in lacrosse, and the 2023 season was no exception. The Jumbos finished with an outstanding 22-1 overall record and a dominant 10-0 record in their conference, with their only loss coming to national powerhouse Salisbury. Until someone knocks them off, they remain at #1 in MA.


Babson lacrosse

2. Babson College

Babson College had a highly successful 2023 season, making them a strong contender in the Division Three lacrosse national landscape. They achieved an impressive overall record of 13-5 and remained undefeated in their conference with a perfect 6-0 record on the way to an NCAA tournament run where they defeated Williams, another team on this list. Babson College’s lacrosse team has proven their skill and determination on the field enough to earn the #2 spot in the MA rankings.


Amherst Lacrosse

3. Amherst College

Amherst College‘s men’s lacrosse team had a solid performance in the 2023 season. They recorded an overall record of 12-6, with a conference record of 6-4. Amherst College is known for its competitive presence in games. They consistently strive for excellence and put up a tough fight against their opponents.


Williams lacrosse

4. Williams College

Williams College is another notable Division Three lacrosse school in Massachusetts. In the 2023 season, they achieved a commendable 10-8 overall record, with a 6-4 record in conference play. Downed by Babson in the NCAA Tournament, they need to display wins over the cream of the crop to move up this list. Williams College’s lacrosse team is known for their determination and skill on the field.


Endicott Lacrosse

5. Endicott College

Rounding out our list is Endicott College, a school that has made its mark in Division Three lacrosse. With a 13-5 record in 2023 and Chris Gugino at the helm, the Seagulls figure to be sitting on this list for quite some time. Endicott College’s lacrosse team has consistently shown their talent and dedication on the field. They have proven to be a formidable opponent and have garnered a reputation for their competitive spirit with some big national wins.

In conclusion, these top five Division Three lacrosse schools in Massachusetts have shown exceptional performances and strong presence in their conferences. If you are a prospective Division Three player consider signing up for NXT Level Lacrosse Clinics, which are run by current college players and can help you achieve your lacrosse ambitions.

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